Henry Goes to Fozzlimb

Henry Introduction

After returning from college, Henry Sona’s parents sent him to Fozzlimb in order to participate in a tournament whereby the winner would have a chance to make member of the Duke’s guard. After a couple days of celebration in his hometown Tarsa, Henry sought to win in the tournament of Fozzlimb. On his two day journey across the common path to Fozzlimb, Henry ran into a family of travelers who were attacked by dire rats. Henry decided to come to their aid.

John, the father, Sonya, the mother, and Denise, the daughter were camping in the woods of the path when they were attacked by dire rats and ran along the path for help. They told Henry where their goods were and asked for his help. Henry tracked down their camp and slayed a single dire rat. The family, although seemingly poor, rewarded Henry with 10 gold pieces.

Just before entering into town Fozzlimb, a ferocious electric storm started, followed by hurricane level winds and rain, that escorted a gigantic flying beast with a flat head and strong long tail into the buildings of Fozzlimb. Henry arrived just in time to assist in the epic town-level fight. The bird was slain and Henry met Syton. Syton asked Henry to seek a minevine weed from a nearby cave known to have the atmosphere for minevine just after such a storm. Henry took up the mission from Syton but was captured by the Goblins of the cave.



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